Top 10 Free Themes For Blogger

Blogger is a free platform that allows you to create a free blog website. You even don’t need to buy a domain, they provide a subdomain to start. Blogger is famous but mostly used by beginners because after getting some experience they shift their blog to WordPress. Blogger doesn’t have any theme store where you can search for free themes. Pre-installed blogger theme doesn’t look good, to make your blog website more professional you have to install the theme by uploading it into the Blogger.

You just can’t download any random free theme, the theme that you will choose should be responsive, SEO friendly, Ads friendly, and professional looking. These are must-needed features. In Blogger even after installing a good theme, you might face a customization problem but don’t worry you can find their solution on YouTube. So now let’s talk about some top free themes that you can install on your blogger website.

1. ColorUI

It is a cool-looking theme which you will like and it also comes with many features. It is SEO friendly and also loads fast. They optimized this theme very well. The good thing that I notice is that blogger themes load faster than WordPress. If you looking for a theme that can give your blogger website an amazing and professional look that just go for it.


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2. TechSpot

If you want to create a tech-based magazine or news publishing blogger website then this theme is especially for you. It has many features like Box Layout, Related post, Sidebar, Ads placement, social media, and many more. It also has a dark mode and many other template designs. On top of all that it is an SEO-friendly and fast-loading website. Its design is not too amazing but it gives you a layout design that is meant for news, tech-based Blogger websites.

3. SoraMart

Just like TechSpot, this theme is not for everyone. If you want to create an e-commerce website then only it is for you. It gives almost all the features that an e-commerce website needed. It is even a stylish carousel. It has also a different layout to display your product. It is fast loading and Seo friendly theme. It is fully responsive means it opens and works easily on any device. It has a free and loads option. You can go with the free option but it won’t give you the option to remove the footer credit. For removing footer credit you can check different videos on YouTube.

4. Okiro

It has an amazing design and it is specially designed for niches like news, food, travel, fashion, etc. It also comes with many features and it is SEO friendly too. It is compatible with Adsense auto ads. It loads fast and increases your ranking and the overall score of your blogger website. Its free version lacks many things like no lifetime update, no special ads placement and it also does not give you the option to remove the footer credit. The Premium version costs you $12.95 but the free version will be sufficient for you.

5. Kate

Kate is the fast and good-looking theme. You can covert your bad-looking blog website into a decent blog website. It is ideal for niches like nature, beauty, travel, and others. It is fully responsive so it will open perfectly on any device. It also comes with the premium version, the cost is the same as Okiro but I don’t think you need a premium version. All the features in free and paid are the same except the footer credit option and premium versions also give updates and support options. It is also SEO friendly theme.


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6. Medium UI

This is a highly recommended theme if you want to create technology, information, and another niche-based site. The interface is like the dashboard, looks nice and managed. The theme looks like an app, it also has a dark mode option. It is highly optimized and SEO friendly. It is also AdSense friendly so you can check it out. It comes with many features that you might like. You can check out it’s both options free and paid. I recommend you to go with the free option, just give it a try you will like it.

7. Sona

It is one of the premium-looking themes that comes with a premium-looking layout. It is fast and responsive and it is based on the next-gen framework. It includes a hero header which means you can add a description and tagline of the blogger website. You can create a blog in different niches like beauty, nature, travel, photography, and many more. It is SEO friendly which means it will rank easily. It’s looking very stylish and good for new bloggers. You can get this theme for free but the free version lacks a few widgets options but that widget is not important for you then you can go for it.

8. Future Mag

You can get this theme for free. This theme is ideal for tech, news, and magazine niches. It has a simple device and has a widget option, image slider and ad spaces. It has a premium look and it is a fully responsive theme. It takes less time to load and looks great and simple.

9. Sera Blog

This theme is specially optimised for SEO and fast loading speed. Design is simple and ideal for tech, magazine niches. It is a very easy lightweight theme that you can customise very easily. It is fully responsive that will ultimately help in the ranking.

10. Loco

Now, first of all, I need to tell you that this theme is not optimised very nicely but still it looks good and it is fully responsive too. The theme is ideal for lifestyle, sports, food, health and more type of niches. Loco is based on the latest trend. This theme can help you to attract new viewers. It also has a premium version but I recommend the free version and I know all the people will go with the free version.

At the last, all the themes are very good looking. I think now you will be able to select the best option for your Blogger website.

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