Top 8 Best Adsense Alternatives For Blogger

If you want to earn money by placing ads on your website or blog then Google Adsense is the best option. Getting Google Adsense approval seems to be easy but in reality, it is not that much easy. For getting absence approval you have to meet some minimum criteria like quality content, traffic, niche, pages etc. Google Adsense is the most famous of all and used by everyone that’s why Google Adsense updates its policy to make Adsense a safer place. It is important for Adsense because many people used Adsense for the wrong purpose which violates Adsense policy.

Need of Adsense Alternatives

Maybe your Adsense accounts get disabled or your blog is just getting rejected every time or you don’t want to wait for a long time to get approval. Some people also get Ads-limit on their accounts. Other reasons for getting disabled also can be self click, not clicks and fake traffic.

There can be many reasons but most people choose alternatives because they approve blogs easily. Most alternatives have very few minimum requirements so you will not face any issues. On top of that, the minimum withdrawal is less than Adsense, it varies from site to site. Most websites also provide PayPal withdrawal option while Adsense only provide bank transfer.


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Some Ads networks are also Adsense friendly so you can also place their ads along with Adsense and it can also increase your earnings. So today I am going to tell you about some best Adsense alternatives that you can try.


No other Ad network can replace this position, is the best sensible alternative. is famous for contextual advertising. It offers different types of formats like display and Native Ads. You can expect to earn close to Adsense. Getting approval is not easy at all, they check your traffic quality, blog quality and your content before approving, it is better if you get traffic from other countries like the USA.

Same as Adsense their minimum payout is $100 which they sent via Pay Pal. It gives you Adsense experience and it is famous too.

2. Propeller Ads

It is one of the most famous Ad networks. It is really good for beginners because there are no minimum requirements to get approval, you just only need to create an account. It is famous for popunder ads. It gives you more Ads format options too like banner Ads, Video Ads and Native Ads. Now the best part is that you don’t need to reach $100 to withdraw, the minimum withdrawal here is only $5 via PayPal, so now you can even be able to withdraw a small amount which is not possible in or Adsense.

If you are a newbie and want to earn money just after creating a blog then you can go with Propeller Ads.

3. Revcontent

It is leading in Native Ads, it tries to match with your blog content and the type of content you post. Besides Native Ads, it also supports display Ads and Video Ads too. Getting approval is not that much easy, you at least need 50k traffic per month and quality content regularly. The minimum payout is also less than Adsense, you have to reach $50 to withdraw. You might get rejected after applying but you can try.


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4. Taboola

It is not for small bloggers. It is native ads targeting website. It gives you different Ads format customisable options. This platform is only for enterprises because you already needed 5 lakh per month and the minimum payout is only $50.

5. Moumteric

It is a platform that concentrates on its content creator and watches carefully what type of ads will be appropriate for your readers. They also ensure that the ads are high quality. They focus on cost per impression instead of cost per click. Cost per click impression means you will get revenue whenever viewers will view the ads whether they click or not, it doesn’t matter. You at least need 10k traffic per month to get approved, it is high for new bloggers if you are an intermediate blogger then you can try it. The minimum payout is only $10  which is very good so it means you need to wait to reach the threshold of $100.

6. Pop Ads

It is not the highest paying platform but yes you can consider it because if you get 1k traffic per month then you can get its approval. It shows pop ads means whenever someone clicks on your website it redirected the user to another website, it’s kind of annoying because sometimes it appears many times whenever someone tries to open some link on your site. If you get 10k traffic per month then you can earn some basic amount like $6-$10. Their minimum payout is only $5 via PayPal, wire transfer also available but for that, you at least need to reach the threshold of $500. So after all it is a good Ads network for beginners.

7. Yllix

Another program only for beginners, it has no minimum requirements so you can start earning just by creating an account and submitting your site. Other websites provide monthly withdrawal systems but here they provide the daily payout option. It supports different Ad formats like banners, anchor ads, Pop Ads etc. The minimum payout is only $1 which is the lowest till now in this list. On top of that, it provides you with more earning options means a referral system, you can earn up to 100$ just by referring.

8. Buy Sell Ads

It is different from every other platform that we have talked till now. Here you have to submit your site then the advertiser preview your website, the advertiser buy a place on your website to place ads. It’s up to you whether you want to accept it or reject it. You at least need 100k impressions per month to get approval and the minimum payout is just $20. Keep in mind, they charge 25% fees on every successful transaction. Overall it is a buy and sells type network so it depends upon you whether you like it or not.


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