Truecaller Premium Family Plan subscription now available for users; Check what NEW it brings to you

New Delhi: Truecaller, a well-known caller ID and spam filtering app, has announced the launch of its new family plan subscription. To access features like advanced spam protection, the ability to know who has visited their Truecaller profile, a premium badge and an ad-free experience, the subscription allows up to five users to share a single subscription plan.

According to Truecaller, the new Family Plan subscription was created in response to the growing popularity of subscription services and customer desire for an affordable way to share premium experiences with family members. According to Fredrik Kjell, COO of Truecaller, “As a Family Plan Administrator, you now have the option to extend the premium features of Truecaller for your loved ones to experience and enjoy.”

We are now pleased to add Truecaller to that list by offering a practical solution as it is typical for one family member in many of our markets to ensure that all members are protected by multiple services.

The Family Plan is currently available worldwide on Android, except in the United States. However, even if they have an iPhone, users in the US can still add non-Premium members to their membership. Under the family plan, additional four persons can avail benefits from each premium account.

Once the new family plan is activated, Truecaller extends the benefits of premium membership to new members without the need to share any data or personal information with the administrator.

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