TweetDeck Rebrands To ‘XPro’

San Francisco: X, formally known as Twitter, has rebranded the social media dashboard application for management, TweetDeck, with the new name ‘XPro.’

Now, if users visit the TweetDeck website while logging out, they will see ‘XPro’ written at the top of the page.

However, the URL is still “”

“XPro is a convenient way to view multiple timeline columns in one easy interface,” the company mentioned on the page.

X-owner Elon Musk had announced this rebranding last week. In response to a post about TweetDeck, Musk replied, “Name is changing to XPro. Will come with a wide range of psy op plugins.”

Last month, the platform launched an improved version of TweetDeck and said, “In 30 days, users must be Verified to access TweetDeck.”

Musk had started hinting at the rebranding of Twitter as X on July 23 with a series of tweets, starting with one that said, “soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

Since then, he has been changing the Twitter name and blue bird logo across all platforms.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the company introduced a new set of scoring models called ‘Group models’ for Community Notes, which identifies helpful notes, particularly in languages and regions of the world where there are new, smaller and growing groups of contributors.

On the other hand, it looks like the company is still working on ID-based verification.

App researcher Nima Owji shared a screenshot on Tuesday which showed that when someone clicks on a user’s blue checkmark, a new label that reads “This account is ID verified” will display.

“Twitter (X) was working on it months ago but it seems they have resumed working on it again!,” Owji said.

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