Twitter Blue India Price Revealed! Check Monthly, Yearly Subscription Rates

New Delhi: Twitter Blue service with verification in India will cost Rs 650 per month on web and Rs 900 on Android and iOS mobile devices, the microblogging platform has confirmed.

Twitter is also providing a discounted annual subscription of Rs 6,800 per year or approximately Rs 566.67 per month.

Beginning in India, Twitter Blue is now available in 15 international markets including Saudi Arabia, the US, Canada, Japan and the UK.

The microblogging site recently added six additional countries to its BlueService subscription service. Twitter has also launched a new service called Twitter Verification for Organizations, a service for business entities on Twitter that adds a gold checkmark to official business accounts.

Twitter has asked businesses to pay $1,000 per month to maintain the gold badge and brand and organizations that don’t pay the money will lose their checkmarks. Twitter’s Blue subscription service with verification was relaunched in December last year and now costs $8 for Android users globally and $11 for iPhone customers.

US Blue subscribers can now create tweets up to 4,000 characters long on Twitter.

“While only Blue subscribers can post long tweets, anyone and everyone can read them. You can reply to, retweet, and retweet long tweets, regardless of whether you are a Twitter Blue subscriber or No. Subscribers will be able to reply. And qt up to 4,000 characters,” Twitter posted.

Additionally, users who subscribe to Twitter Blue will see 50% fewer ads in their home timelines.

Subscribers have the option to enhance and personalize their Twitter experience with blue checkmarks. These features include unique app icons, custom navigation, top stories, the ability to undo tweets, longer video uploads, and more.

According to Musk, all old verified accounts will soon lose their blue badges, as they are “seriously compromised”.

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