Twitter Down Today? Global Outage Hits Thousands Of Users

New Delhi: Thousands of Twitter users across the world faced an outage after microblogging site Twitter went down on Thursday (February 23). Several Twitter users complained about not being able to access the microblogging site on several other social media platforms.

According to, more than 2000 people reported facing issues on Twitter, of which 55% reported issues for mobile apps and 36% users reported issues on the website and 9% reported server issues. Connection problems reported.

The social media platform’s outage was brief and the microblogging site’s services were restored after some time.

Earlier on February 19, global users reported that they could not open Twitter on their mobile devices. Tracking site had observed a major spike from midnight to 2.00 am on February 19. Twitter came to a standstill for more than 2 hours in many parts of the world.

According to media reports, the majority of complaints came from smartphone users, who account for 56% of all submissions. Twitter has not released an official statement on the problem, although it is possible that they are investigating the source of the outage.

Twitter appears to have crashed, as the network is having difficulty loading posts onto the timeline. As per media reports, over 500 complaints have been registered within minutes of the outage, which is expected to happen after 10 pm. The outage-tracking website indicated that smartphone users reported 56% of complaints, while 37% and 8% reported problems with website and server connectivity, respectively.

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