WATCH: Women Seeking Recruitment In Mumbai’s Fire Brigade Clash With Police

A large group of women aspiring to join Mumbai’s Dahisar Fire Brigade gathered outside its premises on Saturday and clashed with the Mumbai Police. The Mumbai Police finally had to resort to ‘lathi charge’ to try to stop the clash. The gates of the campus were closed so that no protestor could take the violence inside the campus.

News agency ANI tweeted a short video of the clash between civilians and police.

In the video of about 30 seconds, a large number of women are seen standing outside the premises of Mumbai Fire Brigade. Some of them were seen fighting with the Mumbai Police, while others soon joined them from behind. The police resorted to ‘lathi charge’ to bring the violence under control and started killing the protesters.

Reportedly, during a recruitment drive for women in the Dahisar Fire Brigade, the reason for the protest was believed to be several young female applicants who did not meet the height standards. The women allege that they were dropped from the recruitment process despite exceeding the minimum height requirement of the municipal corporation.

Talking to the media about this, the chief officer of the Mumbai Fire Brigade said that the women who came late in the recruitment process were protesting because the process started at 8 am, and they appeared around 10 am. He said, “3318 women candidates, who qualified as per the height criteria, were shortlisted for further selection process. The protesting women are those who came late. We cannot allow people who come at 8 am Arrived around 10 am.”

(With inputs from ANI)

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