What Are Romance Scams? Online Trap That Lures People Under Disguise Of Dating

New Delhi: Online scams and traps are becoming more prevalent as the world shifts towards digitalization, with people spending increasing amounts of time on their smartphones rather than in the physical world. Scammers are developing clever and inventive methods to ensnare unsuspecting individuals and extract money or sensitive information.

In its latest blog post, Truecaller has issued a warning about one such scam that is plaguing the online world – Romance Scams. This is a type of scam where someone pretends to be in love with you in order to gain your trust and then exploits that trust to extort money.

These scams often originate on dating websites or social media, where scammers create fake profiles featuring attractive photos and charming personalities. They approach individuals seeking love, and once a connection is established, they initiate their fraudulent activities.

How Do Romance Scams Work?

Scammers invest time getting to know you. They ask questions, show interest in your life, and make you feel special and loved.

After a while, they invent a crisis – like a sudden illness or a financial problem – and ask for money. They play on your emotions, making you feel like you’re the only one who can help.

Once you send them money, they may disappear or continue to ask for more, claiming the crisis isn’t over. They might even promise to meet you in person but never show up.

How to Protect Yourself:

Be careful when someone online professes their love too quickly. Scammers often rush the process.

Search for their photos or descriptions online to see if they’ve been used in other scams. Reverse image search and see if a profile linked to someone else appears.

Never send money to someone you haven’t met in person, no matter how convincing their story sounds.

Share your online dating experiences with friends or family. They can offer advice and keep you grounded.

If you suspect you’re talking to a scammer, report them to the dating website or app and to your local authorities.

Protect yourself as well as your money

Online dating can be a wonderful way to find love, but it’s important to be cautious. Remember, genuine relationships are built on trust and shared experiences, not on financial demands. So, keep your heart open but your wallet closed to potential scammers, and you’ll be on your way to safer online dating.

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