We all heard the term ” Shared-web hosting” or “Shared hosting” but have you ever wondered what Shared web hosting actually means? 

Shared web hosting is mostly used by all the fresh bloggers, since the plans for shared web hosting are usually very affordable and doesn’t require much investment. So it becomes an easy way to get start the blogging journey for all the bloggers.

Firstly, we will see what is shared hosting then advantages and disadvantages of shared web hosting and at last how is it different from dedicated servers.

Let us start with our topic,


Shared hosting is a sort of web hosting where a solitary actual server has numerous destinations. Numerous clients use the assets on a solitary server, which keeps the costs low. Clients each get a segment of a server where they can have their website documents. Shared servers can has several clients.

Shared hosting permits numerous websites to use a solitary server. Generally, you’ll have no clue about who or what websites you’re imparting the assets of a server to. Every client will for the most part have a cutoff on the aggregate sum of server assets they can utilize, yet this will be characterized by your hosting bundle.

Shared hosting is effectively the least expensive and most prudent choice for your necessities. In any case, the modest value accompanies constraints, which we’ll get to beneath. Since most hosting organizations will offer a similar measure of room and capacity it’s essential to pick an organization you can trust.

With this you must have understood what a shared web hosting is, Now lets see the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared web hosting:


  • It’s by a wide margin the least expensive hosting choice you will have accessible. The standard cost for this way of hosting will go from $2.99-$9.99.
  • Most hosting organizations have different degrees of hosting accessible, so you can redesign your hosting bundle with time. This makes shared hosting an incredible spot to begin.
  • Shared hosting normally comes furnished with an underlying cPanel, which makes it simple to deal with your site.
  • No specialized support should be done on your conclusion to the server, as this is typically remembered for a piece of your hosting bundle.

Set forth plainly, shared hosting can be an extraordinary choice for website proprietors with a little spending plan, or those simply beginning on the web. You can generally move up to another hosting bundle with time, as your spending plan permits, so you’re not stayed with this degree of hosting until the end of time

Now that you have seen the Advantages of shared web hosting, have an eye on the disadvantages of shared web hosting:


  • The load time can be a ton more slow than VPS or dedicated servers.
  • The server can become overburdened by different destinations that are sharing the server.
  • As your site gets more significant levels of traffic you’ll start to see that your site may start to perform a lot of more awful.
  • You never entirely know who your neighbors are. Albeit uncommon, it is workable for different locales on the server to represent a danger to your own site.
  • There’s an absence of customization alternatives to really get the most elevated level of execution from your website.


For the vast majority simply beginning on the web the upsides of shared hosting will extraordinarily exceed the weaknesses, particularly in case you’re attempting to get a webpage fully operational as fast as could reasonably be expected and have little tech abilities. It’s likewise essential to take note of that a dependable web host will tell you when your traffic hits a level that it’s an ideal opportunity to redesign, and will screen and close down any destinations that represent a danger to the others on the server.

After getting an view of what is a shared web hosting and Advantages and disadvantages of Shared web hosting, Now let us see How shared web hosting is different from VPS or dedicated web servers?


Both shared hosting and dedicated hosting hold the information for your website on a solitary server. At the point when web clients access your website from their program, this server sends your information to them.

The distinction between the two hosting types is the kind of server on which your website is put away. With shared hosting, your website lives close by others, which are neighboring clients using a similar server. With dedicated hosting plans, your website has a server all to itself. There are particular focal points and burdens to both. Gain proficiency with the distinction between shared hosting and dedicated hosting to pick the most ideal alternative for your business.

With this, I hope that the question of “What is shared web hosting” must have cleared in your head plus you have also seen the advantages and disadvantages of shared web hosting and how is it different from Dedicated servers.

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