What is Calligraphy? Some best Tips for Calligraphy Beginners!

For all those ones who want to improve their calligraphy skills, this one’s goona is a little special to you. In this post, we’ll first know, “What is Calligraphy?” and then we’ll dive into the top 5 tips which you use to improve skills, Please note that these tips are thought and written assuming that the one who will be applying these is a beginner.

So as I said, before proceeding towards the tips, let us first see,


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Calligraphy is visual workmanship connected with composing. It is the plan and execution of lettering with a pen, ink brush, or another composing instrument. A contemporary calligraphic practice can be characterized as “the craft of offering structure to hints in an expressive, agreeable, and skillful way”.

Present-day calligraphy goes from practical engravings and plans to artistic workpieces where the letters could conceivably be comprehensible. Old style calligraphy varies from type plan and non-traditional hand-lettering, however, a calligrapher might rehearse both.

Calligraphy keeps on prospering in the types of wedding solicitations and occasion solicitations, textual style plan and typography, unique hand-lettered logo plan, strict workmanship, declarations, visual depiction, appointed calligraphic craftsmanship, cut stone engravings, and dedication records. It is likewise utilized for props and moving pictures for film and TV, and furthermore for tributes, birth and demise declarations, maps, and other written works.

So with this, I am sure you must have got to know about Calligraphy, So now let us have a look at these “Best Useful and beneficial 3 tips for calligraphy beginners” which beginners can use to see an improvement in their calligraphy skills:



Using the appropriate supplies for your calligraphy project is a very important part to keep in your head. With calligraphy, both, your skills and the materials that you use are equally very important and at the beginning level, you should use appropriate supplies otherwise your Calligraphy project might suffer some troubles.



I know that it’s very repetitive and “old” advice that you get while looking for tips to try to improve your any skill. I am aware of the fact that this advice might sound like a “million times” repeated one, but trust me! If anything is said to be done by this many people, then that is itself enough to prove the importance of it.

Practicing the right way will definitely help you improve your Calligraphy skills, don’t wait for any reason, just start your practice whenever you have time, whenever you’re free. Just Do it!


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It is a common problem found in a lot of beginners, to be precious “Ambitious Beginners”

See, Trying to make your art perfect is a good thing, but you should know that if you try to go too far chasing perfection, then it might cause some harm to you.

You should keep in mind that your 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th……..400th, and so on, means your initial pieces of art aren’t going to be perfect, they should and they will be imperfect.

So at first, Try to make your Art GOOD! But not PERFECT! Otherwise, you will be disappointed.


So these were our small part of a small help for all the calligraphy beginners out there, I know this isn’t a big help, but I hope it was able to add a little value in your initial days!

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