In my previous posts I have mentioned several times that a good website speed is extremely important for your website. I said it many times that good website speed will help you to increase the SEO of your website and users will visit your website more frequently

I have mentioned several times the Importance of a good website speed but I never really touched the depth of this topic. So today in this post we will be discussing the Importance of a fast web hosting speed for your website.


There are mainly two reason which I believe are important enough to have your attention


Suppose you managed to bring 100 people to your site by sharing links to them on social media. But when they tried to open your post then they have wait for several minutes to let the website load completely.

Do you think they will wait several minutes for your website to load and read the content while there are so much other alternatives with very fast loading speed?

All I am trying to say is that if your website is slow, then all your hard work of bringing people to your website will go to waste as Now days no one is willing to wait several minutes for a website load when there are a vast variety of alternatives already available.


As I mentioned that if the load time of your website is slow, then almost everyone who visits your website will leave it very soon. Do you really think Google will allow such websites to rank on top positions when it has a lot more other websites with quick loading speeds?

Google wants to provide its users with a website in which they can stay longer and can easily find the content they are looking for and it does not make any sense to rank a slow website, because it will irritate the users.

Now I am sure that after reading these points you must want to increase the speed of your website. We will talk about it further in the post but first let us see what causes your website to become slow.


Your website can become slow due to a lot of different factors. These factors includes your theme, images, files, extra cache, heavy plugins and most importantly your web hosting provider.

A cheap quality web hosting provider can really ruin the speed of your website. So i would highly suggest you to only work with Authorized and trusted web hosting providers. We have listed down the best shared hosting providers according to us in this post:

By reading this post I hope you would be able to purchase a good and high quality shared web hosting to increase the speed of your website.

Another very common problem that cause your website to become slow is “Images”

What? How can Images make my website slow?

Well, See when a users opens a webpage then the browser starts to download all the images present in that page and only after that the page is fully loaded.

If you use Images which are very big in size, then you are causing trouble for your website speed.

Well I know, We can not stop using Images from our websites completely but we can do is that we can use compress our Images that will reduce the size of the images but the quality will remain same.

I would suggest you to use WP Smush wordpress plugin for WordPress sites to compress Images without making the Images loose the Images quality.

Another thing you can do is to enable lazy loading of your Images. What is lazy loading of images?

Lazy loading means that Images will load as your users scrolls down to read your content. Suppose I used 4 Images on my website, 1 Is at the top of the post 2 at somewhere between in the post and 1 at the bottom of my post.

If I have enabled Lazy loading for my website, My 2nd 3rd and 4th Images will only be shown to my user if he or she scrolls down to read that much content.

We have already covered how you can speed up your by using lazy load images.

Now I think you must have gotten an idea of why a good website speed is important for you and what cause your website speed to become slow. But do you know how you can check your website speed easily! How?

To check the speed of your website there are several website speed checking tools available on the Web. I would suggest you to use the Website speed checker tool by Google

Now you know why a good website speed is Important for your website SEO, what makes your website speed slow and how to prevent it and you have also learned how to check the speed of your website.

With this its time to sum up our report on why a website speed is extremely important for you and why you should definitely give it your attention.

If you still have some questions in you mind or have anything to say then feel free to use the comment section. If you have any queries related hosting, domain, Website or SEO then Visit our website Jethosty.com, You will find your answer!

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