WhatsApp View Once Message: To prevent screenshot, WhatsApp disables desktop support feature

WhatsApp recently rolled out its latest update which came with many features which include notification to admin only when someone leaves group, permission to group admins to delete others messages for all, status via Includes link previews for shared links and emojis for someone to react to. Status post using status responses. Now, WhatsApp is reportedly working to disable the opening of messages once viewed on the desktop. WhatsApp will roll out this update for added privacy.

You might have heard that recently WhatsApp released a new feature called Screenshot Blocking for Android and iOS which added an extra layer of security once messages are viewed. The feature once prevented the receiver from taking a screenshot or video recording of a message.

Now, in a bid to protect messages from screenshots, WhatsApp is now removing the ability to send and view messages once on the desktop, reports WABetInfo. So, if you are using WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop app and if you receive a message once, you will not be able to open it on your desktop and you will get a message read – “You received a message once. Extra For privacy’s sake, you can only open it on your phone”.

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As per the report, users cannot even send one-time messages using their desktop app starting today. The change prevents users from having to open the message on the desktop at once to take a screenshot. However, this cannot prevent the recipient from taking a photo of the scene once the message has been viewed using a secondary mobile phone. Therefore, the sender should always be careful when viewing the image or video once.

However, if you are still able to view messages once on your desktop, you will receive an update soon as WhatsApp has started rolling out this feature to all users.

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