WhatsApp will soon let you edit send messages for SELECTED users

New Delhi: According to reports, popular messaging program WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is testing an edit button for messages for Android users. WhatsApp users will be able to correct their mistakes by using the edit button after sending the message. The function has been discovered in the latest Android beta.

“We found that there is finally news about how messages are marked as modified within the discussion,” said WaBetaInfo, a website that analyzes WhatsApp. A screenshot provided by WaBetaInfo shows how the app will mark each message box with the word “edited” to notify the recipient that changes have been made. ,Also read: 77-year-old man used this trick to win lottery worth Rs 41 lakh,

As per the claim, WhatsApp will give you only 15 minutes to change a message. If the recipient does not turn on their smartphone within a specified time, WhatsApp cannot guarantee that your message will actually be updated, as is the case with deleted messages for everyone (perhaps, a days or a little more). ,Also read: Dhanteras 2022: Know the quality of gold in just one click, here’s how,

Additionally, WhatsApp is working on several changes, such as a larger chat group, limiting screenshots on the “view once” function, sharing documents with captions, and more.

– Now 1,024 people can be added to groups on WhatsApp. This week, the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS is rolling out this capability to a select group of beta testers.

WhatsApp has also started testing a new feature that will allow users to exchange documents with captions for Android users. All users will soon be able to use this new function.

– WhatsApp is allowing some beta testers to block screenshots for one-time viewing images and videos. Some beta testers who install the latest beta from the Play Store have access to this feature.

WhatsApp has started rolling out premium subscription plans for specific companies. Costs have not yet been disclosed, although they may vary by location.

A new beta version of WhatsApp for Windows has been published, and beta testers now have a sidebar and the ability to respond to status updates. Users can now respond to status updates after installing this update, which displays an app sidebar.

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