WhatsApp Working Now: Chat services restored after two hours glitch

whatsapp back nowThere was a technical glitch in WhatsApp servers today and millions of users across the world were facing problems sending and receiving messages. While users were unable to send any message in group chat, their messages were not being delivered on individual chat as it was showing only one tick. While WhatsApp services stopped around 12.30 pm, it was restored after around 2.30 pm for about two hours. The outage was reported not only in India but across the world. Users initially thought that there was some problem with their smartphone, mobile network or WiFi, but later it was found that WhatsApp is down globally.

The restoration of WhatsApp started around 2.15 pm and services were almost restored by 2.30 pm. A spokesperson for Meta, which owns WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, said the company was aware that people were having trouble sending messages on WhatsApp today. “We have fixed the issue and apologize for any inconvenience caused,” the spokesperson said.

It may be recalled that WhatsApp has around 500 million users in India and has over 2.5 billion active users globally. WhatsApp sees more than 5 billion messages every day. The instant messaging platform said, “5.5 billion unencrypted SMS are sent every day. With WhatsApp, your messages won’t be one of them. Step into a new era of personal privacy with automated end-to-end encryption.” Tweet on October 17th.

As soon as WhatsApp shut down, people took to Twitter to confirm if all the users were facing problems. In fact, it led to a Users on Meme Fest Twitter share their experiences while mocking WhatsApp,

WhatsApp recently launched its updated version in India which comes with many new features including call link creation, more rights for group admins and easy response using emoji for status updates.

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