Who Is Anirudh Devgan? The IIT Delhi Graduate And Cadence CEO Who Earns Rs 72.6 Lakh Per Day, His Annual Package Will Blow Your Mind

NEW DELHI: In the dynamic landscape of the corporate world, the influence of Indian-origin CEOs continues to surge, with their impactful contributions spanning across major global companies. These leaders, armed with their unparalleled dedication and sense of responsibility, have undertaken the mantle of steering vast enterprises to success. This very prowess has propelled them to the pinnacle of recognition, securing their positions among the highest-earning CEOs in the United States. Among these remarkable individuals stands Anirudh Devgan, an embodiment of diligence and achievement.

Nurtured By Excellence: IIT Delhi’s Influence


Anirudh Devgan’s journey emanates from the hallowed halls of the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, where he honed his skills and nurtured his aspirations. As the CEO of Cadence Systems, he bears the torch of leadership, steering the company with an unwavering vision. In the year 2022, in his role as both Chairman and CEO of Cadence, Anirudh Devgan’s annual earnings scaled an astonishing $32,216,034, a testament to his prowess and value.

Anirudh’s Formative Years


Anirudh Devgan’s saga unfolds as that of a computer scientist par excellence, graced by his association with the distinguished IIT Delhi. Cadence Design Systems, under his stewardship, has grown to possess a staggering market capitalization exceeding Rs 5,17,000 crore ($62.14 billion), signifying his ability to navigate and succeed in the realm of technology and business.

The roots of Anirudh Devgan’s brilliance extend to his upbringing within the IIT campus, where his father’s scholarly pursuits as a professor set the stage for his educational foundation. Embarking on his educational journey, he first received his academic nourishment at Delhi Public School (DPS) before diving into the realm of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi. The decision to explore the vast horizons beyond India led him to the United States, where he pursued his Master’s and PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Foundation In Innovation: IBM And Beyond


Anirudh Devgan’s professional narrative began with a chapter at IBM, a legendary figure in the annals of IT history. With over a decade of dedicated service spanning research and management divisions, his journey subsequently led him to Magma Design Automation, where he made his mark for six significant years.

Ascending the Ranks: Anirudh’s Cadence Odyssey


The pivotal juncture in Anirudh Devgan’s trajectory materialized when he assumed the role of President at Cadence in 2017. His ascent within the organization culminated in his appointment to the coveted positions of CEO and member of the board of directors in December 2021.

Leading By Example: CEO’s Role & Responsibility


In this accomplishment, he joined the league of illustrious Indian CEOs leading American tech giants, a group that includes luminaries such as Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Jayshree Ullal, and Arvind Krishna.

Setting New Paradigms


The saga of Anirudh Devgan’s success also echoes in the fiscal realm, where his remuneration mirrors his influence. Upon assuming the role of CEO, he garnered a base salary of $725,000 complemented by a target bonus of 125% of his base salary. Additionally, he received a stock option grant valued at an astounding $15 million, underscoring his integral role in the company’s trajectory. This financial zenith culminated in his recognition as the recipient of the prestigious Phil Kaufman Award in 2021.

From Campus To Boardroom: Anirudh’s Remarkable Journey


As the President and CEO of Cadence in 2022, Anirudh Devgan’s annual salary soared to an impressive Rs 2,201 crore (approximately USD 264 million), an embodiment of his immense contributions to the organization’s growth and triumph. In his remarkable journey from the halls of IIT Delhi to the helm of Cadence, Anirudh Devgan’s story exemplifies the confluence of education, passion, and determination that fuels the realm of technology and business.

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