‘Will Gather Data And Plan Accordingly On Harnessing AI In The Field Of Education’: R Bindu

The minister of Higher Education and Social Justice, Kerala, R Bindu, has said that the state government will gather data and plan accordingly on integrating the aspects of AI in the field of education. The minister’s statement comes in the wake of the upcoming ‘International Conclave on Generative AI and Future of Education.’ Speaking to PTI, R Bindu said, “”The experts will be participating from national and international level institutions and they will be contributing their observations on AI (Artificial Intelligence). After that, we will gather up the data and we will plan accordingly on how to utilise the possibilities of AI in the field of education.”

The minister further stated that the prospects of utlising the possibilities of AI is not only being explored only for education, but also in other aspects of life. The conclave will summarize the data helping the state government to plan accordingly. “The IHRD (Institute of Human Resource Development) is doing that on the behalf of the government. The conclave will also be discussing the ethical issues associated with the use of AI,” she further said. 

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Notably, the IHRD is all set to conduct the ‘International Conclave on Generative AI and Future of Education.’ The conclave will be held on September 30, and October 1, 2023, in Trivandrum. Said to be participated by various national and international AI experts, the conclave is aimed at pondering upon the possible integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in various aspects of our everyday lives including education. 

In recent times, the Kerala government has been stressing hard upon the usage of artificial intelligence. Various institutions in the state have also been conducting, organising sessions, workshops and programmes on AI. Recently, on September 24, the College of Engineering Attingal organised a workshop on exploring artificial intelligence. The workshop was organised as a pre-conclave event to the upcoming international AI conclave. Earlier last week, the ICT Academy of Kerala, organised the ICSET 2023, in association with Infopark. 

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