Woman goes BERSERK at airport, throws computer at American Airlines staff: WATCH video

Airlines are witnessing a rise in cases of violence against their employees. Acts of violent air travelers have been making news recently for incidents of losing their temper and misbehaving with cabin crew. However, the pattern is changing, with the most recent incident involving American Airlines employees at Miami International Airport. As WSVN reports, the chain of events began with a 25-year-old woman assaulting an employee of the aforementioned airline at the airport. The woman, identified as Camillia McMilley, attacked the airline’s ground staff after a heated argument.

The video of the woman losing her temper was caught on camera and shared by Only in Dead on social media. Specifically, the incident occurred at Gate D-39 of American Airlines. Reports suggest that Camilla was traveling from Alabama to New York City with her children. The family of three had a stay at MIA.

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Based on reports, the woman lost her temper after not getting her children at the airport and assaulted the gate agent. It was later learned that the children had gone out to go to the bathroom.

Woman throws computer at American Airlines employees: video

In the video, the woman can be seen shouting loudly in front of the airport staff. Afterwards, she becomes aggressive and starts breaking the electronics on the desk in front of him. Next, from a different angle the camera shows the woman throwing the computer monitor she grabbed from the desk at an agent. The monitor hits the agent’s shoulder, possibly injuring him.

Meanwhile, air travelers gathered around the desk stand and watch in disbelief. At the same time, the employee of American Airlines is seen in shock from this incident. However, the woman was later arrested by US Customs and Border Protection officials for causing nuisance at the airport.

Reports suggest that Camilla was later produced in court after she was booked for suffering. The court convicted her of felony and decided to keep her on a $4,000 (roughly Rs. 3.31 lakh) bond, and she remains behind bars till Wednesday.

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