Zee Digital India Dialogue: OYO Founder Ritesh Agarwal Highlights The Shifting Reality Of Entrepreneurship In India

New Delhi: Digital technology has spread rapidly around the world. Numerous developments in technology, changes in consumer behavior and increasing demand for improved efficiency all contribute to this trend. Zee Media hosted the first iteration of the “Digital India Dialogue 2023” summit today, July 13, 2023, in New Delhi to ensure digital readiness on emerging technologies and revive India’s digital economy.

The event is organized to mark the eighth anniversary of the Digital India Mission, which was launched in 2015 with the goal of ensuring that everyone can access digital services offered by the Government of India. The conclave highlighted the topic of startups and their challenges, which are gaining popularity and encouraging debate among professionals and common people alike.

Although startups have been known for a long time, it is only recently that they have started gaining traction among middle and lower-middle-income groups, when people from the same background are making headlines.

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Speaking at the Zee Digital Conclave 2023, Ritesh Agarwal, founder of the dynamic OYO Rooms, shared some insightful entrepreneurship lessons that are especially relevant given the current state of Indian companies. Aggarwal’s views highlight the changing reality of entrepreneurship in India based on his own experiences and the growth of the startup ecosystem in India.

He further added, “Ten years ago India’s startup ecosystem was still in its infancy. Access to money, content and networks was limited to a small group of people. The way to connect with potential investors, partners, talent and customers was The aspiring entrepreneur without any prior connections inside the ecosystem was less of a tough task”.

Agarwal says that ecology has changed a lot over time. Established founders and operators are now contributing more actively, creating an ecosystem that supports aspiring entrepreneurs regardless of their upbringing, education level or money. Today, the secret to winning support is the determination to pursue an idea with unwavering dedication.

He unveiled his success mantra i.e. 3D’s – Desire, Devotion and Diligence. He also revealed his secrets while answering a question in the rapid-fire round of the conclave. He says I am having same breakfast since 5 years. In due course there have been two changes and that is dalia and oats.

Answering the host’s question i.e. “You have inspired many, who is your inspiration?” The self-made billionaire said, “So many people inspired me. If I have to name someone in the world of entrepreneurship, I think I always think of Uday Kotak. He is a first generation entrepreneur, He has done a good job. His entire team has done the job.” He has been with her ever since she started her company.”

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